Samntech offers business and knowledge processing services to small & mid-sized organizations seeking higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility, and lower operating costs.

We aim at leveraging our experience to help you prepare for the digital era, with infrastructure services that are transforming the face of enterprises.

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Managed IT services

We manage all your IT needs by providing the exact level of IT support you need to keep your business systems running efficiently

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In today’s competitive work environment where business communication is so crucial, it is time to think over the current traditional phone system.

A lot of benefits are on your way by moving to Voice over IP phone systems enabled over the internet which includes reduced call cost, free roaming data, and enterprise-level features. VOIP phone system has become an answer to the small businesses looking for communication solutions.

Say goodbye to expensive phone bills and welcome to the world of smart phoning!

Samntech does seamless deployment of VOIP with 24*7 support.

Email is the most comfortable and primary tool for any business communication in small, mid-sized, or big companies. This makes it vulnerable to threats like Spams, viruses, ransomware, or other malware.

Many small businesses do not realize the risks they are at now by not protecting their emails.

Samntech can help you establish an email security and archiving system that provide better security and system performance with the ability to stop known and advanced email threats before they reach your network.

It requires vigilance to keep your IT network in good working order. You need to keep an eye on your crucial systems and address issues as soon as they arise. The more you spend on monitoring, the less you’ll have for discovering growth opportunities.

Samntech can help you stay focused on more crucial business tasks. With our Remote Monitoring service, you can gain confidence and peace of mind. We’ll keep your systems up and running, fix problems even before you notice them.

Are you planning to go digital but are uncertain about where or how to get started on your Digital journey?

For organizations caught between managing their IT infrastructure and business pressures to go digital, the solution lies in optimizing their IT infrastructure and applications related to day-to-day business operations.

Samntech combines Infrastructure management with SaaS applications to optimize performance and availability as well as quickly remediate issues. Not only this, our team ensures complete transparency of your IT and applications so that you are in control throughout your business journey.

IT relocation is done when a company is moving to a new site and is a very critical business for most companies. It takes a team of experts to ensure your office relocation is on-budget and with minimal service interruption.

In the same way, every data center move has risks, and any interruption to your business could ultimately affect your bottom line.

At Samntech, we thoroughly plan for contingencies and possible problems to minimize risk and downtime. Our expertise in IT relocation and migration ensure you'll be in the right hands, and get the expected results, so you and your team can focus on getting back to work.

Most companies have to replace their PCs and laptops about every three or four years. Technology advances so quickly that computers need to be upgraded to run newer applications, and once the warranty expires, the organization that handles the break-fix or the desk-side support will not repair the units. In addition, companies often fall behind schedule in the refresh process as other priorities take hold.

For this reason, it makes sense to outsource this function for efficient and cost-effective PC refresh and upgrades.

Samntech works closely with customers to do the effective planning and implementation of their device refresh and upgrade program thus minimizing disruption to employees and ensuring maximum value is derived from new devices.

Remote Support Services allows our local technicians to deliver you with fast service while saving you money and increasing productivity. Has somebody in your office been unable to complete a task because of a minor problem with their computer? Do you have colleagues who devote more time helping others than they do their own work? Remote Support Services can eliminate these efficiency killing problems.

Samntech's technicians can connect straight to the affected machine and assist your employees in real time. The next time you have an issue with your computer, laptop, tablet or another device, call us to enjoy our expert services.